On November 8 2015, during a general council meeting, François Legault, leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), announced a rallying call for all Quebec nationalists. The goal is simple - a strong Quebec within Canada.

This pragmatic approach seeks concrete results for Quebec that will allow all Quebecers to affirm our distinct identity, develop our economy and deploy a meaningful and durable reconciliation with the rest of Canada.

This declaration marks the launch of a vast consultation amongst party members and Quebecers. The work led by our Political Commission will culminate in the articulation of a clear vision during our fall 2016 general party congress.

  A new nationalist project for Québec

Full Control Over Language and Immigration

The CAQ wishes to repatriate all remaining powers in the domain of language and immigration from Ottawa. A lean and decentralized control of these dynamic cultural matters is a priority and necessity for Quebec to thrive.


Increased Fiscal Authority

The battle for fiscal equality with Ottawa is far from won. Provinces are at a fiscal disadvantage with Ottawa, especially due to healthcare expenses. This imbalance is real and has real consequences that continue to affect Quebec. The CAQ believes that this imbalance can be corrected via a revised transfer agreement that is both regular and predictable.


New Levers for Prosperity

Quebec’s collective wealth level is lower than elsewhere in Canada. We must act to reduce this wealth gap. Reducing this gap must be THE priority for the government of Quebec. The CAQ believes that a strong economy is the only way to instigate the prosperity needed to improve our quality of life, maintain our cherished social net and lower the tax burden to reasonable levels.


Recognition for Québec

A new deal between Quebec and Canada should ultimately lead to full constitutional recognition of Quebec as a nation. Obviously, this recognition implies guaranties for Quebec’s rightful place to remain in federal institutions and judicial system.

« It is my hope that with this nationalist project, we can finally obtain both pride and prosperity for Québec because without prosperity, pride has no means and without pride, prosperity is meaningless. For this reason, we must have both. This goal is possible only by articulating a new results-based nationalism that adapts to today’s reality. » - François Legault

François Legault