Quebec’s middle class families are subjected to an unprecedented financial suffocation. This, right after the Liberal party said it would not increase the financial burden for families.


It is obvious, Philippe Couillard has deceived the voters.

A political party for the taxpayer

The CAQ made a proposal to pass a taxpayer protection bill to prevent the government to take money straight out of the pockets of Quebecers. This bill will prohibit taxes and fee increases that exceed the consumer price index (CPI).

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Once elected, the CAQ will lower the taxes of each Quebecers by $500, meaning $1000 by family. The CAQ wishes to offer to Quebec taxpayers a substantial fiscal respite and bring them back their purchasing power.

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« Quebec’s families have been through enough. The time has come for them to take a breath, and contemplate a future based on their dreams and not their sacrifices. » - François Legault