Coalition Avenir Québec Is Celebrating 4 Years

Coalition Avenir Québec Is Celebrating 4 Years

Last Saturday, Coalition Avenir Québec has celebrated its fourth birthday. I would like to attest the pride I feel.

Nothing tangible forced me to return into politics in 2011, even less to start a movement and to establish a new party. However, my instincts urged me to do something beneficial for Quebec.

My diagnosis was indeed simple. The lasting confrontation in regards to the national question was hindering Quebec in facing immediate challenges; such in economy and education, which are among my greatest passions. I was unable to sit idly and watch us, Quebecers, lag in these fields.

Four years after founding the CAQ, the facts have proven my diagnosis true. Quebec’s decline perseveres. The PQ is caught on a vision that the majority of Quebec doesn’t share. Cynicism sets reign, much to the joy of the Liberal Party.

Founding a party is far from restful. We endured the sacrifices that very few would. This success fills me with pride. Certainly, the CAQ had to face many challenges. I can, however, state that our team is more fused and unified today than ever. It is in the face of such challenges that convictions are reinforced.

Coalition Avenir Québec stands for a project and a vision. It is a young and innovative party which doesn’t choose the easy path but the right path. It groups individuals who are proactive and have a dream for a better Quebec. These creators spiritedly welcome others from every horizon to embrace the utmost interest of our beautiful nation.

Quebec can be proud and prosperous!

Furthermore, I believe that pride and prosperity go together. Without prosperity, pride lacks means; without pride, prosperity lacks meaning.

A fully mature CAQ will cross paths with Quebecers in the 2018 elections. I have faith that Quebecers will benefit of this moment to choose a promising future.

I invite each and every one of you to join our movement. Join us at Coalition Avenir Québec and let us work together to create an ambitious Quebec!