An Ultimate Tribute to René Angélil

An Ultimate Tribute to René Angélil

The passing away of René Angélil, a known and loved icon of Quebec’s culture, was agitating to us all.
The latter was evident on January 21, as he was lying in state at the Notre-Dame Basilica. Crowds of Quebecers traveled to give him a final tribute. His wife, Mrs. Céline Dion, showed great dignity and generosity as ever.

René Angélil has written, along with Céline Dion, one of the most exceptional chapters of our cultural history. Indeed, he was a visionary. We all recall him predicting, right at the start, that Céline would become a world class singer. Many were skeptical. But he had ambition, he saw the big picture and he made it! He was a great entrepreneur, a role model for me and for generations to come!

But René Angélil was also a husband, a father, a philanthropist and a noble citizen, who missed no occasion to proclaim the pride of his upbringing to the entire world; a Quebecer that made our culture beam far beyond our frontiers.

Anyone that knew him can testify: He approached authorities and publics with equal simplicity and candor. He was able to lead a tough negotiation with the casinos in Vegas, and by the same token, to donate his earnings to the Sainte-Justine Hospital Foundation.

He also proved ready to assist Quebecer artists at the dawn of their career. This fierce entrepreneur had a heart of gold. This is what made his unique charm. René Angélil was not only admired, but mostly loved by Quebecers.

In my name and in that of my political party, I extend my deepest condolences to the family and loved ones, and, by this motion of the National Assembly, to offer an ultimate tribute to René Angélil.