The Wealth of Our Regions!

The Wealth of Our Regions!

In Quebec, everyone has an opinion about regional development. Throughout the years, regional plans in diverse fields have been uncommon. Actions had to be sought from decision makers, and the needs of the population were often overlooked.

Let us be open about it; all the political parties went through this. The CAQ is no exception. We haven’t always brought enough attention to the reality of Quebec’s regions.

I acknowledge my part and responsibility.

Today, I call for a fresh start. For several months now, we have been traveling the regions of Quebec, meeting with the local leaders, and taking the pulse of our nation.


I believe that pride is the main resource of our regions; a strong sense of belonging that can work miracles, if polished by a real entrepreneurial strategy.

What I see in the eyes of everyone I meet, is a great desire to take matters in hand. The regions are familiar with the old parties’ ways of doing things. They will no longer be told what to do or think by public servants in the capital. They want to be a part of the decision, to lay the bricks of our collective foundation.

Local decision makers are the ones best placed to target the needs of their region, and to properly allocate resources. We should have faith in our people. Let us provide the regions with the tools they require on the field, and let us get to work at once!

Real Solutions.

The Liberal party has proven to no longer be the Economic party. The PQ is too obsessed with separation to propose any real strategy of economic recovery.   

The CAQ has already proposed an ambitious plan of economic recovery for our SMEs, and a tax cut of $500 per worker ($1000 per family), in order to stimulate our local economy. It is by promoting local consumption that our regions will acquire wealth. We have to think regional, and purchase local; to start at home and grow.

Our entrepreneurs have so much talent and good ideas. Together we can build economic prosperity that will create remunerating jobs for the population as a whole. I think above all about the future we will leave to our youth. Our youth is at least as important to the regions as the latter are to our youth.

Coalition Avenir Québec will keep making proposals for the support and prosperity of Quebecers. In 2018, we will be ready to form the next government with an enthusiastic mutual support of our regions.

No politician today can claim to have a miracle solution that will save the regions. However, it is certainly possible to abandon the fictive solutions of the old parties and to make a difference.

It is our turn to act for the wealth of our regions!