A New Agreement That is Beneficial for All

It is crucial for the government to obtain guarantees to protect Bombardier’s employees.

In his column, Le populisme économique primaire” (primary economic populism), Alain Dubuc discusses the importance for the government of Quebec to invest in the Bombardier CSeries planes.

For several weeks now, this topic has been at the heart of discussions at the National Assembly. It is perfectly normal for a $1.3 billion investment to be openly and seriously debated.

Bombardier is a company that is strategic to our economy. It employs 17,000 people in Quebec today. Every political party at the National Assembly wants its success. The government should rightfully assist the company to thrive. Remaining idle is not an option.

Moreover, the federal government should also partner up. Its reluctance has persisted for too long. The Trudeau government must carry a clear message supporting Bombardier’s revival.

Demanding Guarantees.

Every developed country assists its strategic organizations to face their competitors in times of adversity. However, there are always requirements. For instance, these companies need to commit in return to create or maintain employment. The exchange must be beneficial for both the corporation and the taxpayers.

Unfortunately, Prime Minister Couillard has not made such employment demands, nor obtained any guarantees maintaining the Bombardier’s head office in Quebec.

A new agreement is thus necessary, one that will include these guarantees. It is fundamental. There are 1.3 billion public dollars at stake!

I propose two additional conditions for this agreement. First, Bombardier has to commit to maintain its headquarters in Quebec. Also, the organization must maintain a minimum level of employment that can be flexibly spread across its divisions.

We must therefore table a new agreement, and add the federal government’s signature. This new agreement will be beneficial to all. It will serve the best interest of both the taxpayers and Bombardier.