Extra-billing of $ 1.4 billion: The CAQ launches the campaign “Libéraux, Remboursez!” (Pay us back, liberals!)

In brief :

  • For eight years, the liberals of Jean Charest and Philippe Couillard, overbilled $ 1.4 billion of dollars to the electricity consumers of Quebec.
  • Philippe Couillard took advantage of this overpayment for the current expenditure of his government.
  • The liberal government refuses to payback even though, the minister Pierre Arcand, made the promise to do so, in May 2015.
  • The Quebecers can go to the website www.liberauxremboursez.com and demonstrate their anger by asking Philippe Couillard a reimbursement.

Between 2008 and 2015, thousands of Quebecers have been unfairly billed $ 1.4 billions of dollars. This practice had been established by the liberal government of Jean Charest and perpetuated by the government of Philippe Couillard.

The energy critic for the CAQ, Chantal Soucy, strongly denounces this sneaky trick on the families of Quebec. For the residential customers, the overbilling represents about 587 millions.

The campaign “Libéraux, remboursez!” of the CAQ is available here . Chantal Soucy invites all Quebecers and clients of Hydro‑Quebec to publicly denounce this overbilling and request a refund by the liberals.

Quotes :

“The government of Philippe Couillard has used Hydro-Quebec to take money out of the pocket of Quebecers and impose another tax in disguise to our families. The liberals should be denounced for this. Philippe Couillard should be ashamed, because we have another proof that the government obtained a balanced budget by wrongdoing the Quebecers. He has to refund the Quebecers.”

“The minister Pierre Arcand made the promise to give back these overpayments to Quebecers, but he interrupted the sharing mechanism he previously established. Nothing guarantees that he will hold his promise. Meanwhile, the bills of our families increased by 11 percent in four years.”

Chantal Soucy,
Member for Saint-Hyacinthe, energy critic for the CAQ